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Artisans of Fashion is a social enterprise with social and ecological principals at the very heart of its business practice.


"Promoting cultural sustainability, authenticity and social change"


With a firm commitment to Ethical Fashion, these are the principles we support:

Fair Working Conditions - from the sourcing of raw materials to creation of products, Artisans of Fashion supports organisations, local village artisans, cooperatives and NGO's who have structured their business practice around ethical principles. This includes fair pay, working hours and conditions, additional health services and facilities for child care where appropriate. 

Environmental Sustainability - We support organisations who value the use of raw fibres, materials and processes which are sustainable and non exploitative. Natural fibres including native and organic cottons that are grown at village level, locally grown silk, wool & cashmere is easily recyclable and natural products, they are better for the environment as well as for the health and well being of the people who wear it. 

Preservation of traditional skills - Our mandate is to promote and preserve traditional artisan skills with long term benefit to the local community with the establishment of further training and co-operatives.

Eco Conscious - We support artisan communities and cooperatives that are conscious of the negative impact that chemicals including dyes and finishing processes have on the earth and the environment. We support the use of fabric dyes that are either ISO/AZO free or vegetable dyed from local plants, berries bark or flowers. We promote the use of water based dyes for all printing processes.

We look to a continued improvement in our business practices and seek out partners with the same ethics and vision for a sustainable future.

Artisans of Fashion is a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum Fellowship 500 



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