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AOF assist artisans communities and SHG’s to develop products to customer specifications working with our partner artisan communities across remote parts of India. Where funding is required for resources, skills development or infrastructure AOF assists with seeking grants, donations and awareness to engage support for these projects.


• AOF assists in the design and production of products working with our NGO partners.

• AOF provides market access, design and promotional skills to assist in promoting products to the international markets.

• AOF creates awareness and promotes the skills and craftsmanship of these artisans through photo’s, film footage and back stories on the production process for use on product, social media, website and instore promotion. 

• RETAILERS become strategic partners of Artisans of Fashion to help promote sustainability, authenticity and social change - thus supporting some of the poorest communities across India.

• Artisans of Fashion ensure Indian crafts are presented in such a way that the skills, authenticity and heirloom quality are highlighted and valued.

Artisans of Fashion supports communities through skills development and market access to increase business opportunities through local & export markets. We seek the assistance of others to provide funding for the establishment of projects in severely marginalised and underdeveloped communities.



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